Color On Peroxide 5Vol 1Ltr


Color On Peroxide 5Vol 1Ltr

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Color On bringing together the Italian lessons of design and workability, adding a new pampering oil edition mixing Argan Oil sourced from Morocco, Jojoba Oil from the USA and Olive Oil from Italy creates a new innovative collection consisting of 86 shades including naturals in a 100ml tube mixed with Color On oxidising emulsion cream peroxides.

Color On is a chemically balanced formula, which optimizes THE performance AND simultaneously ISĀ ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY.

THANKS TO THE PERFECT MIXTURE OF OILS, CHOSEN TO HELP REBULD AND TREAT the hair leaving it softer and in better condition following each colour application and service.

Consistency and reliability are demanded and rightfully so by all serious colourists. Colour On is manufactured in Italy in a state of the art facility, which is 100% computerised and completely robotic with no human intervention. This allows for precise formulas, mixtures and packaging, with guaranteed zero variation from tube to tube.


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